On-Screen Earthwork Takeoff

Simple, fast, earthwork takeoff has been an AGTEK hallmark since the earliest personal computers. Sitework 4D maintains the simplicity while adding the power of on-screen takeoff from PDF and CAD files for fast and easy quantity analysis.

Internet Keys & the Cloud

Where you work has expanded past the office. At home, in your truck or in the office, AGTEK internet keys maximize the value of your system along with the AGTEK Access cloud system. Share files and software for collaboration in the office, field, or anywhere in between.

Modeling for Machine Control

Modern Machine Control depends on a timely digital model and AGTEK provides the quickest and easiest way to create that model and get it in the machine. Exports compatible models for Leica, Trimble, Topcon, and AGTEK along with industry standards like LandXML, DWG, and DXF.

More than just Dirt

Earthwork is more than just a number. Sitework 4D provides the in-depth analysis of how the dirt moves, what it costs, and the visual outputs that sell clients and communicates with the field.

The Earthwork 4D Suite

Sitework 4D

AGTEK's most advanced software for civil construction, Sitework 4D is the cornerstone of AGTEK's modular, Cloud-connected solution for quantity takeoff, GPS modeling, production planning and mobile control of earthwork, paving and pipe.

Sitework 4D's integrated on-screen takeoff process, Internet key and Cloud-connectivity make it equally at-home in your office, your truck, or on your kitchen table. Easy Internet checkout makes Sitework 4D readily shareable throughout the enterprise as a collaborative tool for estimating, value engineering, project management and business development.

Intuitive and vividly graphical, Sitework 4D streamlines on-screen data entry from TIF, PDF or CAD, and validates with instant, solid-model visualizations and dynamic simulations, to create the fastest, most accurate possible quantity takeoffs, 3D models and optimized grading plans.

Sitework 4D accounts for strip, subsidence and compaction, rock, removals, over-ex, pipe trenches and all intermediate stages of construction. Sitework 4D documents with clear, convincing tabulations and geo-referenced graphical reports that can be emailed as Pdfs, displayed on Google Earth or navigated on-site using your iPhone or Android device. And Sitework 4D exports models in the formats required by all commonly available GPS systems.

Master Sitework 4D in hours with expert, personalized, on-your-job training from AGTEK.