Flexible Grade Guidance

SmartBlade is a simple yet powerful RTK GPS system for whatever machine needs grade or position at the moment

Visualization and Grade at your Fingertips

Where you are, what it should look like and the grading sheets the model is based on. Available at a single tap of your finger

Mag-mounted, Quick-detachable

Equipment that maximizes the value of the machine you have now. Dozers, Blades, Scrapers, Compactors. What needs grade and position at the moment?

And not just for the Iron

The simplicity works on the foreman's truck too. Flexible Mounting, Flexible Tools, Fast Payback

Smart RTK


SmartBlade is the machine optimized compliment to your SmartGrade system with fast flexible mounting for whatever machine needs RTK GPS guidance at the moment. Mag-mounted components, simple controls, and visual feedback. All things that make SmartBlade easy to use and implement for a variety of users with a variety of needs. Dozers, Scrapers, Blades, Compactors, Trucks. The only question is who needs grade and position right now. And SmartBlade updates your data through the Cloud so keeping your job model up to date can be a click away.

Easy to use, easy to implement with unmatched flexibility for the job of the moment.



Mobile app for project management
SmartTrack Product Management

A pocket tool for managing production at a distance, the SmartTrack mobile app displays real-time equipment tracks on your cut-fill grid map or plan sheet, and provides your foreman or project manager with a current measure of his load counts, cycle lengths, cycle times, moving time, stopped time, location of tracked equipment, and much more.

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