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As an AGTEK Support subscriber, you can email us your question and attach your problem file.

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Login (required): CA1234567
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Your Name (required): Fred Jones
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*Program & Version: Earthwork 4D 1.15
Description of your Problem or Question: The scale of the pdf image used for the job file was not set correctly. How do I adjust the scale?
File Name of Attached File: attaching file Barns Airstrip.esw

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ef-fi-cien-cy = move-time / cost hour

SmartTrack mobile app for project managers and foremen
SmartTrack Product Management

A 4D pocket tool for monitoring project efficiency at a distance and managing production onsite, the SmartTrack mobile app navigates site plans and grid maps, geo-references documentation, and displays equipment tracks from roof-mounted cloud-sensors, to provide project managers and foremen with a collaborative tool for maintaining operating margins through real-time measurement of move-times, load counts, cycle lengths, cycle times, and the current locations of vehicles tracked offsite. SmartTrack may be used stand-alone, or in combination with 4D Trackwork software for planning and optimizing production.


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