Flexible, Intelligent Machine Tracking

Cell enabled, smart tracking for heavy equipment and trucking


A pocket tool for managing production in the field, the SmartTrack mobile app displays real time equipment tracks from simple 4D Sensors, on a geo-referenced cut-fill grid map or plan sheet, and provides your foreman or project manager with a current measure of his load counts, cycle lengths, cycle times, moving time, stopped time and location of the tracked equipment.

Especially useful with stakeless grading, SmartTrack's plan mode shows the user his own position on the site plan or grid map, for approximating the locations of plan features, marking grading limits, balance areas, slope toes and daylight lines, or documenting site features such as spoil piles and removals. For as-builting, SmartTrack measures areas and lengths, records time-stamped photos, notes and tracks, and communicates files to and from the office by means of a cloud server on the cell network.

Master SmartTrack in hours with personalized web training from AGTEK. Available for iPhone or Android devices.


ef-fi-cien-cy = move-time / cost hour

SmartTrack mobile app for project managers and foremen
SmartTrack Product Management

A 4D pocket tool for monitoring project efficiency at a distance and managing production onsite, the SmartTrack mobile app navigates site plans and grid maps, geo-references documentation, and displays equipment tracks from roof-mounted cloud-sensors, to provide project managers and foremen with a collaborative tool for maintaining operating margins through real-time measurement of move-times, load counts, cycle lengths, cycle times, and the current locations of vehicles tracked offsite. SmartTrack may be used stand-alone, or in combination with 4D Trackwork software for planning and optimizing production.


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