The Latest Versions

The newest versions of AGTEK software are available by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Program Version Release Date   New Features . . .
Earthwork 4D Suite 1.18.4 11/29/2016   First 64 bit version , Import/Export improvements, see video and version notes
SmartPlan 1.4.1 11/2/2016   Changed measure length behavior, see version notes
SmartPlan IOS 1.8 3/10/2017   see version notes
SmartTrack 1.3.1 4/28/2017 New Minor fixes
SmartTrack IOS 1.1 4/27/2017 New Adds track segmenting & statistics
Trackwork 4D 2.15 6/24/2016   First 64 bit version, see the version notes
SmartDirt 2.0 4/6/2017   Added multiple measure areas, see version notes
SmartGrade 1.6.1 8/15/2016   see version notes
SmartBlade 1.1 8/15/2016   See version notes
AGTEK Access 1.13 6/4/2014  
Legacy Programs
Earthwork 3D 1.79.2 4/27/2015   see version notes
Highway 3D 1.79.2 4/27/2015   see version notes
SiteModel 3D 1.79.2 4/27/2015   see version notes
SiteModel-Highway 1.79.2 4/27/2015   see version notes
SitePlan 3D 1.79.2 4/27/2015   See version notes
GradeModel 1.79.2 4/27/2015   see version notes
Materials 3D-UG 1.67.2 4/27/2015   see version notes
SitePilot/GradePilot 12/2/2010   See version notes
Graphic Grade MC/Super 2.78.1 11/20/2013   File format compatibility
Graphic Grade 3D 5.5.4 11/20/2013   File format compatibility
Heirloom Versions      


Mobile app for project management
SmartTrack Product Management

A pocket tool for managing production at a distance, the SmartTrack mobile app displays real-time equipment tracks on your cut-fill grid map or plan sheet, and provides your foreman or project manager with a current measure of his load counts, cycle lengths, cycle times, moving time, stopped time, location of tracked equipment, and much more.

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