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On-Screen Earthwork Takeoff

Simple, fast, earthwork takeoff has been an AGTEK hallmark since the earliest personal computers. Gradework maintains the simplicity while adding the power of on-screen takeoff from PDF and CAD files for fast and easy quantity analysis.

Internet Keys & the Cloud

Where you work has expanded past the office. At home, in your truck or in the office, AGTEK internet keys maximize the value of your system along with the AGTEK Access cloud system. Share files and software for collaboration in the office, field, or anywhere in between.

Modeling for Machine Control

Modern Machine Control depends on a timely digital model and AGTEK provides the quickest and easiest way to create that model and get it in the machine. Exports compatible models for Leica, Trimble, Topcon, and AGTEK along with industry standards like LandXML, DWG, and DXF.

More than just Dirt

Earthwork is more than just a number. Gradework provides the in-depth analysis of how the dirt moves, what it costs, and the visual outputs that sell clients and communicates with the field.


Optimized for construction operations, Gradework enhances AGTEK’s familiar estimating interface for use in planning work, modeling grade, and measuring project progress. Gradework readily interprets point clouds and orthomosaic images from UAV / drone flights—as well as processing progress topo surveys from GPS, Total Stations or laser scanners —into progress surfaces for calculating production quantities that provide fast, objective feedback about what has been accomplished on site and what may need attention before it is too late.

Gradework gives you the power to visualize and edit the GPS models your machine control systems are working toward, calculate quantities and balance cut- fill areas for your hauls to ensure you get the most out of you heavy equipment.

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