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On-Screen Takeoff

There's more to a project than just the dirt volumes and Materials applies the same convenient on-screen takeoff tools.


And after the takeoff is done, the phased analysis breaks down those quantities for scheduling, organization and visualization.

Field Outputs

KMZ file outputs create an information model for office and field


A graphical, on-screen takeoff system for contractors, Materials combines intuitive data entry with flexible reporting and integration with your Gradework dirt takeoff to speed your estimates of construction materials.

Integrated with Gradework, Materials allows entry on-screen from TIF, PDF or CAD and shares with your dirt takeoff whether done first or later. Materials measures areas, lengths and counts, and extends them into yards of concrete, tons of asphalt, lengths of guard rail, counts of your lights, and other cost items.

Materials reports and exports spreadsheet data by structure, material and phase of construction, and generates comprehensive geo-referenced graphical reports that can be emailed as PDFs, displayed on Google Earth or navigated on-site using your iPhone or Android device.

Master Materials in hours with expert, personalized, on-your-job training from AGTEK.