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Point Cloud Cleaning for Heavy Construction

Fast cleanup of busy construction site point clouds

Work with Gradework for fast volumetrics

Where you work has expanded past the office. At home, in your truck or in the office, AGTEK internet keys maximize the value of your system along with the AGTEK Access cloud system. Share files and software for collaboration in the office, field, or anywhere in between.

Modeling for Machine Control

Modern Machine Control depends on a timely digital model and AGTEK provides the quickest and easiest way to create that model and get it in the machine. Exports compatible models for Leica, Trimble, Topcon, and AGTEK along with industry standards like LandXML, DWG, and DXF.

More than just Dirt

Earthwork is more than just a number. Gradework provides the in-depth analysis of how the dirt moves, what it costs, and the visual outputs that sell clients and communicates with the field.

More than just Dirt

Earthwork is more than just a number. Gradework provides the in-depth analysis of how the dirt moves, what it costs, and the visual outputs that sell clients and communicates with the field.

Reveal - Point Cloud

For estimating and operations

REVEAL saves contractors time and delivers accurate results by optimizing point cloud cleaning and editing. Working with data collected from drones or laser scanners, REVEAL automatically classifies and removes unwanted elements from data, providing clean, exact data in a fast, simple process leveraging the power of AI. Designed specifically for the industry, REVEAL will get you accurate results faster than ever before.

Share Insights

REVEAL’s analytics and insights are simple, easy to understand, and shareable. Your optimized data integrates seamlessly into AGTEK’s Gradework speeding up the time and quality of your quantity takeoffs improving your bids! It’s also compatible with other design, planning, and 3D software solutions supported by industry-standard file types.

Easily manage your project data in Agtek Access through the streamlined import and export options to maintain your single source of truth.

Simply export the files to your estimator, project manager, engineer, surveyor, VDC team or architects to ensure that everyone is working with the most accurate site data on all your projects. REVEAL allows you to customize your exports to include the right data and areas each one of your team is working on. These targeted deliverables will keep your data management efficient and your construction models up to date and working for you.

Field to office and office to field communication has never been easier!

Simplified and Focused on You

REVEAL is focused getting the answers and deliverables you need in a clear and concise manner. Our workflows and user experience is aimed at streamlining the process resulting in quicker answers and consistent deliverables to your stakeholders. Not just another piece of complicated construction technology, Reveal is a workhorse to take your UAV and digital twin creation to the next level.

For over 40yrs Agtek has built solutions that start with the user and don’t lose sight of what’s important. From beginning to end REVEAL guides you through just what’s needed, nothing more, nothing less.

Stop Wasting Time

Using AI, REVEAL recognizes the objects it sees on your job site and organizes them into groups, such as construction vehicles, material stockpiles, ground, and vegetation. Users can quickly remove each of these groups, providing a clear picture of the job site. Our classification engine does the work in a fraction of the time than traditional methods!

With REVEAL you can spend your time making the value-add decisions that are needed onsite today rather than waiting for data clean up. Stay on schedule and do it better informed of what your as-built conditions look like and how they affect your next step.

Let REVEAL take the everyday variables of your jobsite off your plate and let you focus.

Learn More About Reveal

Our team is here to answer questions about how Reveal can improve your workflows and take your reality capture to the next level. Contact us with the link below, watch the videos for an introduction and/or join us for the REVEAL 101 webinar on April 18, 2023 at X PST. We’re excited to tell you more!