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On-Screen Takeoff

Simple, fast, earthwork takeoff has been an AGTEK hallmark since the earliest personal computers. Sitework 4D maintains the simplicity while adding the power of ons-screen takeoff from PDF and CAD files for fast and easy quantity analysis.

Material & Trench Quantities

Where you work has expanded past the office. At home, in your truck or in the office, AGTEK internet keys maximize the value of your system along with the AGTEK Access cloud system. Share files and software for collaboration in the office, field, or anywhere in between.

Field Information Systems

Modern Machine Control depends on a timely digital model and AGTEK provides the quickest and easiest way to create that model and get it in the machine. Exports compatible models for Leica, Trimble, Topcon, and AGTEK along with industry standards like LandXML, DWG, and DXF.

More than just Dirt


AGTEK's integrated Underground solution combines intuitive data entry from CAD or PDFs with flexible reporting to speed your estimates of storm, sewer, water and other underground utilities. Underground works with Gradework to ensure you never enter data twice and can visualize and calculate trench volumes against any surface in your model. 

Trench & Pipe Detail

Takeoff lengths and counts of all pipe, laterals, joints, valves, and other fixtures with ease. Model trench profiles, calculate bedding, pipe displacement, cover, spoil, and backfill volumes required to complete the job. Import pipe invert and rim profiles from CAD or PDFs or enter on-screen without entering any data twice. Calculate trench details against design, subgrade, existing, or stripped surfaces.

Depth Brackets, Phasing & Classes

Break your job into phases of construction and utility specific classes: sewer, storm, water, electrical, and telecommunications. Calculate length of pipe by depth brackets and strata layers to ensure accurate bidding quantities. Visualize and interact with data via an intuitive graphical interface. Export trench models for machine control systems and monitor progress throughout construction to track against your plan.

Harness the Power of a Drone

Utilize the power of drone imagery and point clouds to validate pre-bid site conditions and measure production progress during construction. Meausre length of pipe in the ground, amount of trench excavated, and amount of bedding, cover, and fixtures. Synchronize data to the SmartPlan and SmartDirt mobile apps to put actionable information in the Foreman's hands.

Exporting Data

Underground reports spreadsheet data by class of utility, and generates comprehensive geo-referenced graphical reports that can be emailed as PDFs, displayed on Google Earth, exported to Excel, or navigated on-site using your iPhone or Android device.

Learning Underground

Master Underground in hours with expert, personalized, on-your-job training from AGTEK.