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The Dirt.Simple Express - Summer 2023

AGTEK Releases Gradework Version 1.09

AGTEK has recently released Gradework version 1.09. New features include significant new options in the Underground and Materials modules. Underground will now display the pipe networks in 3D, allowing the user to visualize the intricacies of the underground structures. Users may now apply user defined trench templates to create a 3D surface of the underground trenches. Underground has also added a custom trench option to create a specific trench detail for varying conditions.

Materials now supports applying structures to user defined surfaces. This is especially useful when comparing alternate bids. Also in Materials, slope area may now be applied from any surface. Select an area structure and click the Apply Slope Area button. Select the surface you want to use as the reference for the slope area. The slope area will be displayed on the report, preceded by an asterisk. Watch the video on all the new features in version 1.09.

Materials and Underground Stand Alone

With the release of version 1.09, the Materials and Underground modules are now available as stand alone applications, fitting the needs of paving and utility contractors. The stand alone materials and underground modules provide the same dirt simple functionality as the integrated Materials/Underground without the need of the Gradework module. Use PDF or CAD files to create the surfaces needed for you underground and material takeoffs. Watch the Materials SA and Underground SA videos for a preview of the stand alone modules.

AGTEK Releases Reveal

AGTEK has recently released Reveal. REVEAL saves contractors time and delivers accurate results by optimizing point cloud cleaning and editing. Working with data collected from drones or laser scanners, REVEAL automatically classifies and removes unwanted elements from data, providing clean, exact data in a fast, simple process leveraging the power of AI. Designed specifically for the industry, REVEAL will get you accurate results faster than ever before. Watch the video for a preview of Reveal.

Using AI, REVEAL recognizes the objects it sees on your job site and organizes them into groups, such as construction vehicles, material stockpiles, ground, and vegetation. Users can quickly remove each of these groups, providing a clear picture of the job site. Our classification engine does the work in a fraction of the time than traditional methods!

Simply export the files to your estimator, project manager, engineer, surveyor, VDC team or architects to ensure that everyone is working with the most accurate site data on all your projects. REVEAL allows you to customize your exports to include the right data and areas each one of your team is working on. These targeted deliverables will keep your data management efficient and your construction models up to date and working for you.

Customer Spotlight - D. W. White Construction

AGTEK recently interviewed Manuel Roque with D.W. White Construction in Acushnet, MA. D. W. White has been a long-time user of AGTEK software for over 25 years. They recently acquired Reveal for cleaning up their point cloud data. "Once we found REVEAL, it cut down our workflow from 2 days to approximately 10 minutes. In my opinion, AGTEK is the Cadillac of earthwork takeoff programs. There is nothing as fast and easy to use as AGTEK.” Click the image above to watch the complete interview.

Welcome to the AGTEK Community


AGTEK’s new Community is your place to find all things AGTEK. Creating the Community was an opportunity for AGTEK to modernize its online training platform and provide a useful one-stop-shop resource for our users. The Community houses all the training videos, tutorials, webinars, user manuals, and other materials developed over the years in one searchable knowledge base. “We set out to create a Google for AGTEK,” says Senior Product Manager, Chris Mazur.

AGTEK is proud to offer our users a variety of training options, all accessible in the Training section. “This is the place for everything you need to make yourself better at using AGTEK,” says Chris.

Our favorite thing about the Community is that it’s completely searchable. The quickest way to find what you’re looking for may simply be by typing it into the search bar at the top of the page. You will be rewarded with responses that include videos, FAQs, articles, and more. Visit the AGTEK Community for help at your fingertips.

AGTEK now offers two options for training in Livermore and Atlanta

Seminar Training for Intermediate to Advanced Users

Seminar training classes are designed for intermediate to advanced users. Learn advanced techniques for takeoff and modeling. Click here to view the course outline and sign up for the class that best fits your needs and schedule.

Hands-On Training for Beginner to Intermediate Users

Hands-On training classes are filling up fast. The fastest way to master today's connected workflow, learn to fly drone surveys, use mobile apps, expedite GPS models, and refine your takeoffs is to book a seat in AGTEK's monthly 3-day training school in Livermore, CA or our new training location in Atlanta. Designed for beginning to intermediate users, this class offers basic instruction for new and intermediate users. Click here to view the course outline and sign up for the class that best fits your needs and schedule.

Click here for more training and support resources.

AGTEK at HxGN LIVE Global 2023

AGTEK’s parent company, Hexagon, hosted HxGN LIVE Global 2023 in Las Vegas in June. The event drew over 3500 customers, partners, and influencers representing 77 countries.

During the event, AGTEK held its first customer round table, gathering key customers together to give us product feedback to help us shape how AGTEK solutions are developed and delivered. We reviewed new features, took a deep dive into key solutions, and shared our vision and roadmap for the future. We listened and learned and made some great connections. We appreciate the willingness of our guests to have open conversations about their businesses and their software needs. We hope to hold additional round tables soon in other locations.

We also held our first-ever seminar-style training class on Intermediate/Advanced Takeoff Techniques. Dozens of you attended this session to take your skills to the next level with help from our expert instructors. Based on our positive feedback, we will continue offering this new format in our regular Livermore and Atlanta locations.

We appreciate all of you who participated in these events. Thank you for spending time with AGTEK. We look forward to seeing you in person again soon.

AGTEK Webinars

This year we have been hard at work creating new webinar material to show how to get the most out of your AGTEK software. We will continue to reinforce the simplicity of AGTEK products. Replay the topics we have covered recently which include: Efficiency Through Integration, Getting the Most Out of your AGTEK Software and Leveraging AI to Optimize Point Clouds: An Introduction to Reveal. Be on the lookout for more coming out in the near future.


Watch the video here.


Watch the video here.


Watch the video here.

Get current versions

To download the latest desktop versions, AGTEK support subscribers can go to Support - Downloads and click the name of the program they wish to download. When the download is complete, click the filename to install. If Windows "protects" your PC, click "More Info", then "Run Anyway" and follow the install directions to complete the installation. (To check your program version, open the program and select Help > About "program name".

To update mobile apps for iOS devices, go to App Store and click Updates. For Android devices, go to Google Play and search AGTEK.